1,800 Raiders Season Tickets In Stock

After opt-outs, 1,800 Raiders season tickets become available

In what may not last for long, there are about 1,800 Raiders season tickets available for purchase. There is no good reason why the Raiders season tickets should not have sold out yet but it seems that the decision made by the Las Vegas Raiders to have a vaccination requirement for all fans and ticket holders who enter and attend Raiders games at Allegiant Stadium this season may have caused a stir on ticket sales.

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that around 1,800 new Raiders season tickets are available for purchase for attendees that are fully vaccinated due to ticket buyers who have opted out for a refund or a season ticket roll over to the next season. The first home game held at Allegiant Stadium will be during Week 1 on Monday Night Football versus the AFC North’s Baltimore Ravens.

For those unsure about the policies at Allegiant Stadium, ticket holders with proof of vaccination are allowed to enter the stadium and are not required to wear a mask. Children 12 or under are required to wear a mask. Unvaccinated fans will have the opportunity to get the vaccine shot on game days at a parking lot site at Allegiant Stadium.

Providing that the imposed vaccination guideline by the Las Vegas Raiders is lifted before then, the projected 1,550 season ticket holders will be able to get their seats back for the 2022 season. As a result, 250 out of the 1,800 available Raiders season tickets will allow the ticket holder to purchase season tickets again for a future season.

When you consider the current circumstances for both the Las Vegas Raiders franchise and its fans, it only makes sense that Raiders season tickets have not yet sold out. But we’re talking about Vegas here. There is no way this chance will carry on, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Raiders fans to invest in a second chance opportunity as Raiders season ticket holders.

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