How To Plan A Raiders Homegate

A Raiders homegate is the best option for those unable to attend a game

Either you are unable to make it out to the Allegiant Stadium “Death Star” in Las Vegas or even the next Las Vegas Raiders away game, a Raiders homegate is most likely the next best option for fans of the silver and black. As we prepare for the 2021 NFL season, we are looking into a variety of ways for tuning into the Las Vegas Raiders in the best possible environment.

Obviously there is nothing that beats the ambiance of watching your favorite team at the home stadium with all the fans in attendance, but with a portion of the costs that you would have had to spend on a flight, game ticket, stay, and transportation, you are still able to have a great experience by spending it on food, drinks, apparel, and if you are trying to really ball out, a new TV. Here are some tips for each.


Queso, and a lot of it. Apologies if you are lactose intolerant but just eat it anyway and you probably would not want to thank us later. Alternative choices can be take out from your favorite restaurant, pizza delivery, or even do-it-yourself with some baked wings. Can’t go wrong with anything really, it’s all preference.


No ball park prices here, this is where you probably will get the best value for hosting a Las Vegas Raiders homegate. Stock up on your favorites or tell the friends to BYOB. Just in case, make sure your toilet works.


This is technically a lifetime investment so gear it up with a Raiders jersey, shirt, hat, or all of them! We personally love the stuff at ‘47 brand, but you can also check out the NFL Shop.


Depending on the size of your TV, you either have bragging rights for the rest of the season or you will have to ask your friends to video call and stream their big screen. Just kidding, the picture quality matters more than the size, although most quality TVs already come in 60”+. Make sure your TV display is OLED or Mini-LED, which are future-proof for the next 5 years at minimum.

That should cover all the basics for a Raiders homegate. We all know how much fun and exciting a tailgate can be, just ask the Bills Mafia. A Raiders homegate is pretty much the next best thing and a great option if you are unable to make the trip to Allegiant Stadium, or even those who do not want to attend a live Las Vegas Raiders game at all. Nothing really beats the comfort of your own home.

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