Jon Gruden Deleted From Madden 22

It was only time till Madden 22 had Jon Gruden Deleted

EA Sports revealed today on Twitter that they are making plans to have former Raiders coach Jon Gruden deleted from Madden 22. It has been confirmed that he will be replaced by a generic character.

The adjustment of getting Jon Gruden deleted will take place in the next upcoming weeks and will be reflected in a title update for Madden 22. Gruden resigned as Raiders head coach on October 11th, following reports that he had been sending racist, misogynistic, and homophobic emails to coworkers on a regular basis for years.

EA Sports stated, “Due to the circumstances of Jon Gruden’s resignation, we are taking steps to remove him from Madden NFL 22. We will replace him with a generic likeness via a title update in the coming weeks.” That “generic likeness” will most likely be similar to what they have done with Coach Bill Belichick.

The NFL Coaches Association has granted EA Sports permission to utilize the names and likenesses of the NFL’s head coaches in their game. EA Sports does not have clearance to feature Coach Belichick because he is not a part of that group. So instead, EA Sports uses a generic character name such as “Griffin Murphy” for Bill Belichick.

That explains why after having Jon Gruden deleted from Madden 22, they will not be able to use interim coach Rich Bisaccia. EA Sports does not have permission to put Bisaccia or his name in the game since the game has already launched and the legal documents are already written. We will probably see the correct update for next year’s Madden 23.

Madden NFL 22 is the most recent video game installment of the American football franchise. It was released on August 20th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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