Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden Resigns

After a weekend of vulgar emails, Jon Gruden resigns as Raiders head coach

Time’s up for Chucky as the Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigns from his position after additional emails exposed racist and anti-LGBT remarks. Shortly after the news broke on Monday night where more hate emails were sent out by Gruden in the past, Gruden sent out a statement confirming his resignation.

The New York Times detailed that the Raiders head coach Jon Gruden used homophobic and misogynistic language within those series of emails. Specifically back when Gruden was working with ESPN, he had made offensive statements about the executive director of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith.

The email was sent in 2011 to Bruce Allen, who at the time was the president of the Washington Redskins. All this was discovered as the Washington Football Team was under investigation just last week due to misogynistic culture. Over the weekend, Jon Gruden had publicly apologized but days later an excess of emails exposed Gruden using anti-gay language against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Additionally, some of the context found in further emails written by Gruden showed negative and sexist behavior as he stated his opinion about the recruitment on gay players and criticized the hiring of female referees. The New York Times also reported that Gruden had exchanged topless photos of one of Washington’s cheerleaders.

Earlier today on the Pat McAfee show, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers voiced his opinions on the matter, and that it was not reflective of the NFL as a whole. “I can say with real honesty and pride that those opinions aren’t shared by players. The locker room allows you to have incredible conversations and that’s the best way to grow, learn, change and better yourself,” said Rodgers.

The previous Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has also been removed from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ring of Honor as he worked as the head coach from 2002 through 2008. The worst part of all of this is that even though Gruden had apologized over the weekend, he tried to spin the narrative that he was angry at the time of the 2011 NFL lockout. He also tried to gaslight the media and the Silver & Black community with excuses about the context of his derogatory statements. We’re not buying that. Farewell, Chucky.

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