Raiders Junior Training Camp Held At Child Haven Emergency Shelter

Las Vegas Raiderettes and Raider Rusher present the Raiders Junior Training Camp

The Raiders Junior Training Camp (RJTC) was hosted for the residents of the Las Vegas Child Haven Emergency Center in good will to entertain and cheer up kids who are currently dealing through difficult situations. RJTC is a free youth football clinic run by the Las Vegas Raiders for kids aged 7 to 12.

Additionally, the Raiders provided transportation for foster children from the Las Vegas region to attend the Raiders Junior Training Camp. Drawstring bags stuffed with goodies were given as a surprise to the kids.

The Raiders Junior Training Camp’s curriculum was created so that every student, regardless of age, gender, or experience may take part. Participants were taken through football drills by Raider Rusher and the Raiderettes, who also instructed them to exercise for at least 60 minutes each day and stressed the need for a nutritional diet.

Since the Raiders announced their relocation to Las Vegas in 2017, they have held more than 200 RJTCs.

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