Raiders vs Chargers Week 4 | 2021 Season

The Raiders vs Chargers faced off on Monday night at SoFi Stadium in a 28-14 win for Los Angeles. Although the Chargers led for most of the night, the outcome of the game was still up in the air until about 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter where an interception pass by Raiders quarterback Derek Carr handed the Men in Black their first loss.

Austin Ekeler had a hell of a game for the Chargers where he posted 145 yards off scrimmage and a pair of touchdowns. A dominant performance like that combined with a solid defense that sacked Carr 4 times was bound to result in a win for the Bolts. Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert also had a solid night finding both his tight ends Jared Cook and Donald Parham Jr. in the end zone for a touchdown apiece.

The Las Vegas Raiders weren’t too shabby themselves as they picked up the pace right after halftime and scored 14 points in the 3rd quarter. Carr was able to throw a dagger to receiver Hunter Renfrow on a 3rd & 8 for a touchdown. On their very next possession, the Raiders moved up to the 3-yard line and Carr found tight end Darren Waller for a short pass into the corner of the end zone. The catch was incredible as Waller spun and leaped up for the Randy Moss-esque touchdown catch.

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The momentum seemed there but time was ticking in the 4th. All was lost when Carr threw a pick to Chargers safety Derwin James Jr with about 3 minutes left in the game and down 14-28. Still a solid effort for the Las Vegas Raiders as the firepower was there but just some missed opportunities and defensive mistakes opened up holes for the Bolts to take advantage on and cost the Raiders the game.

It may come as a surprise, the 2-2 Kansas City Chiefs stand at the bottom of the AFC West while the Chargers, Raiders, and Denver Broncos are all tied with a 3-1 record. Since the Chargers won last night, they currently lead the division with the tiebreaker. Next up are the Chicago Bears on Sunday, October 10 where they face the Silver & Black on their home turf at Allegiant Stadium.

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