Raiders vs Chiefs Week 5 | 2022 Season

Not sure which was more embarrassing, the Broncos’ Thursday Night Football choke against the Colts, or last night’s Raiders vs Chiefs Week 5 bust at Arrowhead Stadium for MNF. Prior to the start of the 2022 NFL season, we had thought the AFC West was going to be “the” division of the league. We now beg to differ.

The Raiders vs Chiefs Week 5 game started out so promising with the Silver and Black up on top with a 17-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. On their second drive, quarterback Derek Carr and receiver Davante Adams finally connected on what fans have been waiting for since the blockbuster acquisition of the offseason. A 58-yard touchdown from Carr to Adams struck Arrowhead Stadium like a lightning bolt to bring the Raiders up 7-0.

Running back Josh Jacobs had another career day, surpassing his Week 4 performance against the Denver Broncos with 154 rushing yards on 21 carries, followed by 39 receiving yards on 5 out of 5 targets and receptions. The fourth year running back from Bama cashed in the second touchdown of the game on the Raiders’ third drive. Daniel Carlson’s perfect field goal season continued with a 53-yarder and a 50-yarder before the half.

Raiders vs Chiefs Week 5 – 2022 Season Highlights

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce also had one of the most significant performances in his career, with four touchdown catches from his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. That honestly was the difference maker. If he didn’t have one of his whopping four touchdowns, this game would’ve easily been the Raiders’.

Except that wasn’t how it looked on the field. On paper, Kelce’s 7 receptions for 25 yards and 4 tuddies was the difference maker. But the Raiders had the opportunity to tie the game following another blast from Carr to Adams, this time for 48-yarder into the endzone to bring the score to 29-30 with the Chiefs up one point.

With less than 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter, everyone and their moms would’ve kicked the extra point to tie up the Raiders vs Chiefs Week 5 game. Yet the Las Vegas Raiders and coach Josh McDaniels just had to get greedy and go for it, only to fail the two-point run conversion by Josh Jacobs.

The Raiders’ defense was able to stop the Chiefs from getting to field goal distance, and everything seemed to be pointing in the right direction for the Silver and Black on their last possession. A couple of tosses to receiver Hunter Renfrow put the Raiders closer to mid field, but a badly timed play between Renfrow and Adams cost them the game as the two ran into each other on their lanes. Such a brutal loss.

Now with a 1-4 record for the 2022 season, the Raiders stay in last place in the AFC West division and are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the worst record in the league. In a much needed Week 6 bye, the Raiders will take a break next weekend and play the third worst team in the league, the Houston Texans, on Sunday, October 23.

Raiders vs Chiefs Week 5 Summary
Raiders vs Chiefs Matchup History

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