Raiders vs Jaguars Week 9 | 2022 Season

Much has changed since the Hall of Fame Game in August with Jacksonville now coming out on top after the Raiders vs Jaguars Week 9 matchup at TIAA Bank Field. In a 27-20 loss, the Las Vegas Raiders gave up a 17-0 lead as the Jaguars rallied their way back thanks to some extra effort from their cornerback Tyson Campbell.

This time around, we’ll start off with the good news. Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr and wide receiver Davante Adams lit up the Raiders vs Jaguars Week 9 highlight reel, first with a 25 yard touchdown in the first quarter and followed by a 38 yarder at the beginning of second. It was a huge turn of events, as the five-time pro bowler executed a complete 180 from his unsettling 3-yard, one reception game last week against the Saints. Adams finished with 146 receiving yards.

Before the end of the first half, Jacksonville was able to score a touchdown due to running back Travis Etienne Jr.’s 1-yard rush. Daniel Carlson continued his perfect field goal season with a pair of 38 yard shots while Jaguars kicker Riley Patterson added his own right before the break to bring the board 20–10.

Raiders vs Jaguars Week 9 – 2022 Season Highlights

With 28 total carries, Etienne had all the luggage to himself now that James Robinson has gone to the New York Jets. Finishing with 109 yards and two touchdowns, the 2021 25th overall pick from Clemson was literally carrying the load, and continued his three-week streak of 100+ rushing yards. Shortly after Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence connected on a touchdown pass to his receiver Christian Kirk, Etienne scored in his second rushing touchdown of the game early in the fourth on their next possession.

On the other end, Josh Jacobs ran for 67 yards on 16 carries, while Carr threw for 259 yards and two touchdowns. Lawrence played one of the best games of his season with 235 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and 53 yards rushing. It really felt as if the Las Vegas Raiders shut down in the second half. Coach Josh McDaniels stated his team needs to “learn how to play four full quarters”, but we’d like to simplify that a bit. Just play two full halves.

The Raiders are now 2–6 and will go up against the 3–5 Indianapolis Colts at home next Sunday, November 13 at Allegiant Stadium.

Raiders vs Jaguars Week 9 Summary
Raiders vs Jaguars Matchup History

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