Over 600 Kids Attend Davante Adams Youth Football Camp

The Davante Adams youth football camp partners with FlexWork for second year

After formally joining the Las Vegas Raiders back in March 2022, wide receiver Davante Adams had a goal to bring over his annual Davante Adams Youth Football Camp to the Las Vegas community. In collaboration with FlexWork Sports Management, Adams and his team selected Spring Valley High School as the receiver’s first camp in Southern Nevada.

Adams had the opportunity to expand the Davante Adams Youth Football Camp as he entered his second season with the Raiders. Again working together with FlexWork Sports Management, the number of campers this year increased by almost 200. The six-time Pro Bowler gave appreciation to those around him for the support on his quest to give back to the community.

“Last year, I thought it was beautiful. This year is beautiful times two, really,” said Adams as he arrived at Spring Valley High School. “Definitely brings me back to my childhood, being able to run around at camps like this. I was never able to go to a camp that an NFL player was throwing, but just to be able to be here and have fun with the kids is something I’m looking forward to.”

Davante Adams Youth Football Camp

Adams was seen taking pictures with the campers, signing autographs, and participating in scrimmage games and one-on-one drills. According to Adams, the Davante Adams Youth Football Camp brought him down to earth.

“It kind of brings me down a bit,” Adams added. “They see me on TV, they see me on social media and they see me from afar,” said Adams. “To have these small, intimate groups where I can actually meet each kid and make sure I’m helping them out with different things or just talking to them, it means a lot to me to be able to do that. I know it means a lot to them.”

At the Davante Adams Youth Football Camp, a few members of his Las Vegas Raiders family offered their support, most notably Raiders General Manager Dave Ziegler.

“To take his time and devote it to a bunch of kids, teaching them a game that we love and the way that he’s interacted with the kids. It’s a special thing,” said Ziegler per Raiders.com. “He’s a special player for our organization. These are the types of players that we want to build this program around. Outstanding people on the field, hard workers, good teammates and people that represent the Raiders off the field very well. That’s what Davante does and he continues to do.”

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