Las Vegas Raiders Value Is At $3.1 Billion

The Las Vegas Raiders value is now the 29th highest for a sports franchise

$3.1 Billion, that is the Las Vegas Raiders value…can you believe it? What a turn of events a relocation can cause. It was not that long ago when the team were at the bottom of the list in value for an NFL sports team. Now the Las Vegas Raiders value has jumped to one of the  highest ever for a sports franchise.

Forbes just issued its annual sport franchise valuation list, and Mike Davis’ move to Las Vegas appears to be paying off handsomely. According to Forbes, the Las Vegas Raiders are now the world’s 29th most valuable sports team at $3.1 billion. This makes them the 12th most valuable team in the NFL.

Not too long ago, the Raiders began the process of relocating to Las Vegas about four years back. Alliegiant Stadium was being built and finally completed construction in July 2020. Last year, the Raiders officially moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from Oakland, California. The Oakland Raiders value was consistently the lowest amongst other NFL teams or at the bottom of Forbes’ list.

With an 117 percent jump in the past five years, the Las Vegas Raiders value has surpassed the $3 billion mark, a $200 million bump from last year’s $2.9 billion. Only two other sports franchises have seen such an increase as of late, and that includes the Los Angeles Rams and the old Oakland neighbors, the Golden State Warriors. This year in 2021, The Rams are worth $4 billion.

Is it too soon to call ourselves the Diamond and Black? Jokes aside, the Silver and Black should be considered an international brand. Also, Mark Davis now has enough money to pay for signing bonuses, seriously.

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