Raiders Visit Acacia Demonstration Park

Las Vegas Raiders visit Acacia Demonstration Park to start Pro Bowl week

Along with volunteers and members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada, the Las Vegas Raiders visit Acacia Demonstration Park on Tuesday to help plant desert plants including trees and shrubs to create a low-water use project. The park demonstrates examples of gardening that are suitable for the climate in the Las Vegas Valley in an effort to provide the community with a “green legacy”.

According to the City of Henderson, the project is a part of a bigger initiative to remove ineffective turf from neighborhood parks in an effort to save 110 million gallons of water each year. Las Vegas Raiders President Sandra Douglass Morgan emphasized the value of the organization engaging with the local community during the team’s opening press conference.

“It’s really important to the Raiders that we would be woven into the fabric of the Southern Nevada community,” said Douglass Morgan as the Raiders visit Acacia Demonstration Park. “To have this demonstration park right here in our hometown of Henderson at Acacia Park where people can actually learn and understand how we can help our environment and encourage families to use more sustainable efforts in their own homes, we’re just really privileged and proud to be a part of it.”

The Silver and Black have expanded their reach throughout the Las Vegas Valley, striving to improve the community through projects with nearby businesses, schools, and volunteer opportunities. The organization’s decision to become a community partner has an impact both locally and nationally.

The Las Vegas Raiders visit Acacia Demonstration Park along with Teyo Johnson, a Las Vegas native and former Raider who participated in the planting and shoveling efforts. He expressed his hope that more people will be motivated to make improvements to the places they call home by the Raiders’ commitment in the community and in the sport.

“It’s a real important initiative to inspire continued work on green initiatives and become more of a green city,” said Johnson. “It’s important not just to help make this be the Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World, but one of the best communities to live in.”

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