Josh McDaniels Nike Equipment Donation Helps Las Vegas High Schools

High school football programs receive Josh McDaniels Nike equipment donation

On Thursday, Head Coach Josh McDaniels Nike equipment donations were given to a number of surprised Las Vegas high school students who traveled to the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center. High school football players from Bonanza High School, Legacy High School, Western High School, and Valley High School were present as Coach McDaniels provided Nike equipment to the four schools for their upcoming seasons.

McDaniels, the son of Ohio high school football coach Thom McDaniels, greatly values youth football. The Raiders coach revealed to the students that he can recall accompanying his father around a football field at the early age of 4. With his son playing high school football and his daughters participating in flag football, youth football continues to play a significant role in his household.

“It took a village when we were young to help us have resources and things to help us play the game of football and improve as players,” said McDaniels. “So just to have the opportunity to not only give back. not only to the game, but to our community here in Vegas, is a pretty special feeling.”

Josh McDaniels Nike Equipment Donation

After the Josh McDaniels Nike equipment donation was given, the students and coaches were taken on a tour of the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center. Throughout the tour they were able to glimpse at the Raiders weight room as well as the lockers of the Raiders players.

The Josh McDaniels Nike equipment donation thrilled Western High School’s flag football running back Adein Curtis. She talked about how it will be beneficial for her and her teammates to “keep warm and look good” during the chilly game days in the fall time.

“It was out of this world,” said Curtis. “Kind of shook that I came here, my first time coming here. I would say it was amazing. I’m a fan of Josh McDaniels.”

“It’s a good feeling to look at the faces of those young kids and know that you’re giving them an opportunity to have some things they maybe otherwise wouldn’t have,” McDaniels added. “As much as we can do that, that’s better for the game, that’s better for our community.”

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